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Please don't judge me by my past,
I don't live there any more

I have been part of Cornerstone for the last 6 years. I was invited in 2010 to try an Alpha recovery course, run by Cornerstone at Trinity Baptist Church in Bexleyheath. I did attend, and this left me wanting to know more. It was the beginning of my journey with God.

I have struggled with alcohol problems throughout my life. I started drinking at around 12 years old and by 15 it had become a problem. Feelings of guilt, shame, hopelessness, fear, self hatred and suicide attempts were part of my daily struggles; alcohol would keep them at bay for a while but the more I drank, the worse the consequences were and the cycle would go on.

My recovery didn't happen overnight but I have been free from alcohol for just over 3 years now. I never thought I'd be able to stop drinking but it was by going to AA and then being introduced and encouraged to have a relationship with God that I am able to stay sober. Cornerstone has played a big part in my recovery; we share fellowship together, we learn together, we worship together and we grow together.

​ Most importantly it is God that holds us all together.

When I came to Cornerstone 6 years ago I had been in addiction for 25 years; a chronic user of various drugs and alcohol. I have been in numerous detoxes, rehabs, hospitals, mental institutions and prisons because of my addiction. I did have some success in staying sober and clean in Alcoholics Anonymous, but I felt uneasy and fearful a lot of the time. I tried everything to stay clean and sober but NOTHING really worked.

A lot changed after inviting Jesus into my life; I still use A.A. but this time the fear and uneasiness have gone. I have big hope, and Cornerstone has been an essential part of my recovery. I have now been clean and sober for over 6 years. It is much more than a bible study. We have love, honesty, unity and fellowship. I know that God is behind us there.

Everyone is welcome, whoever you are; it's good for people with no faith, lots of faith or those who just want to find out more. I would recommend it to anyone, whatever their addiction.

Cornerstone for me is unlike anything else i can think of. It's like being with friends you've had for ages (even if you only met them a week ago), who know the true meaning of what it means to be transformed, and then breaking into a powerful prayer time.

I came to Cornerstone with a sexual addiction and I get closer to beating it every week because the word spoken gives me an endurance, and the people and the prayer pick me up when I take two steps back. It has opened doorways for me that are such a blessing. Being able to worship with this little family of ours is wonderful and you can literally feel God moving and see him growing what we have together.

Cornerstone gives me the feelings every single week that the biggest Christian events do just once a year. Jesus is with each and every person there and is reaching out to the broken and desolate in a huge way. This is the work of God with us, and his love is with the broken.

God bless

I was raised in a Christian home but my childhood wasn't easy. I lost a sister, my dad left and a step parent killed themselves.

​As a teenager I experienced some traumatic experiences and I became angry at God and I left the church. I then hung around with the wrong sorts of people and got myself heavily mixed up in the world of drugs and all that brings.

This life carried on for over a decade. I ended up a homeless, jobless single parent…. That is when God rescued me! I was at rock bottom in the gutter and he scooped me up, cleaned me up and transformed my life.

Cornerstone is a place where you can get to know more about Jesus in a loving, supportive and non judgemental environment. Everyone isn't just welcome, everyone is accepted and embraced as part of the Cornerstone family. I can not recommend it enough!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

I’m going to share a little bit about why I love Cornerstone and the people that attend this recovery group.

I have been in and out of addiction most of my adult life and it did become a way of living for me.
I did not know my worth or even my identity really and when I hit rock bottom Cornerstone became my recovery group.

I value everything about Cornerstone as Jesus, my saviour is at the forefront of this fellowship. I have been attending Cornerstone on and off now for over 6 or so years and extremely grateful to say more on now in the last year.

Cornerstone has helped me understand who Jesus is, how much he loves me and that I am a completely new person because of him.

I have a new found faith that is much stronger and I am a confident woman compared to who I was. I have found true friendship and freedom from every member in Cornerstone.

Because of Jesus Christ and the love in Cornerstone I can actually like the person I am today.

May you find your peace

I've been a christian for six years. Before that I was an alcoholic and drug user for 25 years, and was involved in organised crime and violence until 2010.

​After spending time in a detox unit, I become a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. While I was there, someone asked me if I was interested in attending a Alpha Recovery course, which was lead by a group of people recovering from many different addictions. With nothing to lose, I attended the course and within a year I was baptised.

Now, 6 years on I travel around Europe, speaking about how Jesus can bring your life out of the darkness of addiction and into his light, the light of Christ.

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