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Meet the Team

I was born in Sidcup in 1977. As a teenager I was involved in local gangs and all that culture encouraged - violence, drug taking and dealing. In 1999, however, I met my future wife, Alexa, and soon afterwards God began a work in me that He continues today. Our first child was born in 2001, and not long after this me and Alexa attended our first Alpha course. We both gave our lives to Jesus at Spring Harvest in 2002 and were baptised together in 2003 at Trinity Baptist Church. In early February 2004 we were married and our second child was born in 2005.

I became involved with a group who visited prisons around this time, talking to inmates about how God can help people turn from crime to Christ. Ian says "Whilst visiting prisons God spoke to me. It was more like a strong voice in my mind than audible words. He said "I want you to be in the prison - not just visiting. I didn't think he wanted me to commit a crime, so I joined the prison service as a Prison Officer in 2006."

In 2009, after leading several Alpha courses with Alexa, I began my ministry with Cornerstone. I have served as leader and was convicted by God in 2015 that I should be involved in this full-time. God led me out of the Prison Service in 2016 and asked me and Alexa to trust Him to provide for all their needs.

The next chapter in their lives will be an exciting one - please pray for the faith we will need to sustain us as God continues to work out His plan. 

Ian Moody
Leader of Cornerstone

I became a Christian back in 2002 after attending an Alpha Course at Trinity Baptist Church in Bexleyheath. After making the decision to follow Jesus, my life and priorities changed for the better. God put two words on my heart as a personal commission that I knew would be my life's service- UNITY and COMMUNITY. I have a huge passion for networking the church in our borough in order that we can be more effective in growing God's Kingdom in Bexley and beyond.

My role at Cornerstone has developed from a deep desire to reach out to those in need, demonstrating Jesus' love in practical ways. Our advocacy role supporting guests at the Bexley Winter Shelter led to the birth of our Freely Project which has blessed many people with basic household goods. God has also revealed plans for us to develop this work further, offering skilled people to assist with household tasks.

We are an organisation built on Jesus and his example- we aim to seek and to save the lost. Cornerstone's community work is focused on reaching out, building relationships and pointing people to their heavenly father who can provide for all their needs.

Alexa Moody
Community Leader

"Testimony coming soon..."

Kate Earnshaw

I first became involved with Cornerstone when I was invited to attend after finishing an Alpha Recovery course four years ago. It has been life changing for me. I have gone from this broken person with no hope of being fixed, to being part of a wonderful and diverse group of people from all sorts of backgrounds. We all have our own stories of hope, faith and love.

Each week we meet for worship, prayer and bible study as part of our spiritual growth in our relationship with God. The importance also in this group is the loving fellowship and support for each other. We have fun, laughter, and sometimes tears but each week we are gaining a firmer faith and trust in God - and also in people.

I feel blessed to be a part of something special.

Jackie Lyon
Course Leader

Following a parental split, my sister ran away from home and was put into care. I lived for varying lengths of time with an aunt, then different acquaintances/neighbours of my father, where I experienced all kinds of abuse. During that time, my father remarried but I was not allowed to live with them. At the age of 17 I had had enough of life and carefully planned to end it.

I came into contact with a Christian and heard and experienced the unconditional love of God, through a youth group. This brought about a radical change in my life, knowing I was loved, accepted, belonged and had purpose and worth. I trained as a nurse and midwife and met my husband who was a Doctor. We went to DRC (Congo) as missionaries for 19 years. Whilst there God enabled me to forgive and I experienced healing of memories. Returning to the UK I became an Interpreter and a volunteer on a telephone helpline for NAPAC (National Association for People Abused in Childhood. God also brought into my life in the church family people who had hurts in the past and struggling with addictions. On retirement in 2008 we returned to Africa to South Sudan, where my husband died after a few months and is buried.

I returned to the UK and in 2012 moved to New Eltham and came into contact with Cornerstone Recovery through Christ whilst looking for a group for someone I was supporting. I started going to the group where God has used the gifts He has given me to Mentor and support people who are in recovery. I was invited to be Pastoral Care Leader and am part of the Prayer Team.

Irene Masters
Pastoral Care Leader

"Testimony coming soon..."

Adam Parfitt
Worship Leader

I didn’t come from a Christian background, my past was full of pain and misery. As a teenager my life was feeling very empty and lost. During those years I turned to drink and drugs to relieve myself of being me, pretty much destroying me and everyone who was close to me.

After many years of being in the madness I asked God for help, not completely believing in what I was doing or asking. Through that came courage to admit that I had a problem. From rehab to AA and a 12 step program I truly got well and found God. After 5 year’s of AA I did a recovery alpha course at Albany Park Baptist Church which helped me become part of a church community, which I am still part of now.

Feeling life had more for me and wanting to help other addicts, God has placed me as the leader of Cornerstone at Albany Park. God has worked in me in such a way that I look back at my past as a tool for me to use, and after finding God in my journey He has healed me and other past relationships through his power.

God's rewards have not stopped coming. Through God's generosity He gave me a family and a loving wife with two great kids.

Des Mills
Albany Park Leader

Having grown up in a Christian family, church was just something I always did. It was what we did on Sundays. But for a long time, that's all it was for me. It was only as a teenager when I went on a youth weekend away at another church did I actually find God for myself and accept Jesus.

I started attending Cornerstone around April 2018 after going through a rough personal time, and needed some extra support to get myself back on track. I found Cornerstone to be a safe place where there was space for people to grow at their own pace. It was exactly what I needed at the time. I came with no agenda or desire to end up leading, but God always has a plan, and through the power of prayer, and guided by God, I want to see others find what God's plan is for them have the courage to step out.

Dan Milne
Prayer Leader

Being brought up in a Christian home, I have attended church all my life. After struggling with my faith, and falling away whilst at university I came back to my faith in the summer of 2017, since then my life has changed for the better. I started to attend Cornerstone during this period and attending the group has allowed me to discover who I am in Jesus Christ, ask questions, be open and honest about my struggles and has given me a community of believers who love other passionately.

I was approached to become the social media leader in May 2019 and have been very blessed by this role. I enjoy being creative and finding new ways to reach people through this, and am very excited about what the future holds!

Gemma Martin
Social Media Leader

"Testimony coming soon..."

Danny Driscoll
IT Leader

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