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In a world where many (Christians included) are obsessed with standing up for their own, the idea that we want to stand up for someone else is particularly striking.

There are many voiceless people around us in our society: those who are poor, weak, and vulnerable; those who have been let down by the system. We stand with the voiceless in Bexley.  

Cornerstone has been a voice for the voiceless in Bexley Borough and beyond for 10 years now.

Over that time we have seen hundreds of people recovered from addiction and restored to Christ.

For three years we have partnered with the Bexley Winter Shelter, as a result we have seen many housed and join our fellowship. We have been advocates for those with poor mental health and support people that feel isolated from society; for whatever reasons.   

Cornerstone has many volunteers and is well supported in prayer. However, as with most ministries, financial support has not met with the increasing demand in our workload. 

Ian Moody is the leader of Cornerstone and our only full time worker, he is not paid for his work; the funds aren’t available. Ian is supported by gifts and donations, this provision provided by God through His people and people of good will is not enough for him to continue; it’s unsustainable. 

In 2015 God called Ian out of his job to serve the Voiceless . Ian had originally planned to study whilst being employed as a prison officer, however during the autumn of 2016 God made it clear that it was the Cornerstone Ministry that he was meant to lead and grow. 

In doing this he took a leap of faith and left the prison service, fully trusting in God's provision. Ian now works full time for Cornerstone, leading the weekly fellowship meetings, as well as ministering to the wider community through avenues such as Foodbank, leading sermons and presentations in local churches in Bexley; raising awareness of addiction and issues otherwise overlooked. All of the money needed to free him to do this work, comes through gifts and donations. 

Through Ian's ministry leading cornerstone, we directly serve 40+ in fellowship plus many more in the borough of Bexley through his talks and the various outreach projects he leads.  

Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy.

Proverbs 31:8-9 

Fellowship Fund

The Fellowship Fund is collected from the membership on the last Tuesday of every month. This fund will be used exclusively for individual fellowship needs as well as needs arising in the wider community. Cornerstone believe the funds are freely received to be freely given to those in need.

Donations in person can be handed in to Ian Moody or Administrator at any meeting. A stipulation will have to be made whether your donation is for the support of Ian Moody or the Fellowship Fund.


Ian is a registered recipient of Stewardship, who has set up a support fund for his ministry. You can support him by making gifts to Stewardship for his fund. Where applicable, the value of the gifts may be increased by the use of Gift Aid (worth 25% if you are a UK taxpayer).

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