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Worship is becoming a vital part of any Christian fellowship; it's importance is undeniable. The Spirit of God can work through every single aspect of what the music does and for that reason it's become a really important part of our meetings. Cornerstone is a group that is making room for God to do big things in everyone there, it's ready and waiting for the wonderful works God promises that he will do, and we believe that the worship is going to have a big impact. 

The hope is that people will feel free to do whatever they want to do to praise God, because where there's freedom there's power. None of us like to look like fools these days and that's just no fun. More importantly, God loves the free 'us', He loves to see us let go and be the crazy worshipers we were made to be; just like David dancing before the Lord in praise.

We want to give people the freedom to do what they feel called to do. Whether that's to stand or kneel, sing or sign. God wants the best of us, whatever we've got, and I hope that together as a worship ministry we can encourage and practice that.

I believe that music can show people who Jesus is. That the gospel can be shown through the music we produce and sing together. Our vision is for a worship time that shouts the name of Jesus from the rooftops, and that glorifies His Name, but also a time that shows people who He is and what He's done. There's power in lyrics and melodies to break down stubborn hearts and grow people in the light of life in Jesus Christ (Amen?!). The freedom Cornerstone provides allows us to come to God as we are, because He knows us as we are, exactly how we are.

This group has given people the foothold to go and chase the will of God in their lives, we believe that this can do this for so many; enabling generations of empowered worshipers to sing praise to the one true God. We long for more people to worship with us, blessing us with the gifts they have been given.

These Spotify playlists have been an instrumental part of members of Cornerstone's lives. You can view songs below, to listen to the playlists you will have to download Spotify onto your computer or mobile device. When on Spotify you can follow the playlists by clicking the "follow" button to be kept updated of new song additions!


Cornerstone Mix

Members of Cornerstone would often share worship songs to encourage and strengthen one another. We then decided to collate the collection of songs into a Spotify playlist to enable anyone to enjoy them anytime and anywhere. Each song is saturated with God's word, his Truth, and have been chosen during periods of joy and hardship in members lives.


Cornerstone Tuesday Mix

In 2016 we began incorporating worship as part of our weekly Tuesday meetings, this has helped bring ourselves before God and allowed us to rest in his presence as we proclaim his truths over our lives and each others.


Cornerstone Contemplation

Sometimes it can be hard to focus in a world that is constantly trying to grab our attention and distract us from our journey with Christ. The Cornerstone Contemplation Mix has been created as a tool to help people to focus on God with classical themed songs. With the absence of words it can greatly help when praying or studying God's word.

Cornerstone Anthems

favourite tracks that reflect the heart of cornerstone

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