The Freedom In Christ Course

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  • Start Date - Winter 2021
  • Time - 7pm to 9pm
  • Location - Trinity Baptist Church
  • Duration - 10 weeks (including an away day)


Who is the course for?

The Freedom in Christ course is for Christian’s who want to explore the Christian faith deeper. We at Cornerstone believe our identity is in Christ but we need help to see and understand this fully.


What is the purpose of the course and what is it based on?

It is focused on establishing every Christian of the reality that their identity is in Jesus. It then equips us with the tools break away and stay free from everything that holds them back from the life Jesus wants for us and provides strategies to enable you to continue with your ongoing journey with Christ better equipped.

The course helps us grasp all that happened the moment they became Christians: who we are in Christ; the truth of God's unconditional love; why there is no condemnation; why we don't have to repeat the cycle of sin, negative thinking and hopelessness.


How is the course structured?

The course has recently been revised and updated. This brand new edition is now 10 weeks of teaching. Atypical evening begins with a video, this lasts approximately one hour. At points the video presents questions to the audience, during which we break away for about 10 minutes to discuss and share.

Between sessions 9 and 10 there is an away day where you begin “The Steps to Freedom in Christ” allowing you to deal with the negative influences and unresolved spiritual conflicts. It is a straightforward, gentle and kind process facilitated by ordinary Christians.

An excerpt from
the course


Need help?

If you have any questions or queries about the Freedom In Christ Course please fill in the form and our Course Leader will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to Contact Us?

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