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  • Cornerstone is a Christian group based in the Bexley Borough, working with people in addiction, people suffering with mental health and those who for different reasons feel ostracised from church and society. We offer a different, more intimate way of doing church for anyone with or without any of these issues.
  • We meet every Tuesday and Sunday evening at Trinity Baptist Church as well as Thursday evening at Albany Park Baptist Church for a fellowship meeting with prayer, worship, biblical teaching and discussion.
  • We are non denominational, with many different Christian traditions coming together in our meetings; having an evangelical approach, spreading the good news of the Gospel to those who desperately need it.
  • We have a very lively fellowship who keep in contact with each other daily by the use of WhatsApp. Many members testify to the WhatsApp ministry as being very important to their walk with Christ.
  • We do not judge what you have done, or who you were in your past. Everything shared in the meeting, stays in the meeting.
  • We have a strong prayer life, regularly praying for each other, praying for the presence of the Holy Spirit, praying for healing and praying for God's direct intervention in members' life situations.
  • We annually we run a selection of courses open to everyone including; Alpha, Freedom In Christ, Recovery and CAP Money.
  • Every year we hold recovery events at Lark in the Park Sidcup, a large community outreach event.
  • Currently we have a presence in the Bexleyheath Food Bank. Here we have been able to talk and listen to the stories of the clients and begin to understand some of the interconnected issues that need our love and service.
  • We speak in churches and fellowships in the Bexley Borough, and more recently further afield - in Spain, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  • We want our members to be brought into a deep and loving relationship with Christ.
  • We believe that a relationship with God must be established first before we can really tackle the roots of our addictions and problems. 
  • We believe that sometimes it is enough to show Jesus' love by just listening, talking or being with someone and that it is not our job to talk people into becoming Christians. We make the introductions and answer questions: God does the rest. 
  • We have a big vision for our future work, we want to be known for what we do and are led by this prophecy: that we will be 'the Cornerstone of a temple of spiritual provision'. 

Meet the Team

Find out who's in our leadership team and read their testimonies

What We Believe?

Cornerstone believe there is one God in three persons, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

God is sovereign in creation, revelation, redemption and final judgement.

The Bible, as originally given, is the inspired and infallible Word of God. It is the supreme authority in all matters of belief and behaviour.

Sinful human beings are redeemed from the guilt, penalty and power of sin only through the sacrificial death once and for all time of their representative and substitute, Jesus Christ, the only mediator between them and God.

Cornerstone believes that the holy universal Church is the Body of Christ to which all believers belong by God’s grace and through faith in Jesus Christ who is the Head of the Church.​

The practical expression of the Body of Christ on earth is found in local churches with whom Cornerstone seeks to work as a partner in pursuing common aims as led by the Holy Spirit. 

The Holy Spirit alone makes the work of Christ effective to individual sinners, enabling them to turn to God from their sin and to trust in Jesus Christ and empowering them to find their identity in God alone.  

The Holy Spirit lives in all those he has regenerated. He makes them increasingly Christlike in character and behaviour and gives them power for their witness & recovery in the world, while we await The Lord Jesus Christ who will return in person, to judge everyone.


Rev'd Craig Downes
Pastor, Albany Park Baptist Church, Bexley

Like every corner of the world, Bexley has broken lives and broken families struggling with the effects of addiction in all its many forms. Cornerstone offers a real and achievable pathway to recovery and complete freedom from addiction through Spiritual and practical support.

We have been glad and privileged to partner with Cornerstone and its work through the Thursday Meetings and the Annual Recovery Course, both of which we host at Albany Park Baptist Church.

Through Cornerstone and the partnership with the various churches, we have seen lives being changed and people beginning to walk free from their past, able to face the future with hope and a renewed sense of joy.

I am delighted to commend this ministry and their crucial work in this community.

The Revd Dr Terry Griffith
Senior Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church, Bexleyheath

Cornerstone Recovery through Christ models:

​Honesty and openness in walking with Jesus in weakness and vulnerability.

Acceptance of others as they are, in the hope of their recovery and healing in Christ.

Spiritual and practical support of one another in recovery. Reaching out across all traditions of the Christian Faith.

Effective evangelism among those who know their own need of spiritual help.

I am very happy to commend the ministry of Cornerstone to you as a way of helping those who are already in the church and those who are not yet there. 

Revd Brenda Brundritt
Pastor, Foots Cray Baptist Church, Sidcup

Since coming into ministry in this area I have been involved with the ministry of Cornerstone, Bexley.

I have recommended their services to people I know who are in need of shelter or goods, one of our congregation has volunteered at the Bexley Winter Shelter and I have had the real privilege to speak at the Sunday evening services on a number of occasions.

Every time I join them I come away blessed and thankful that this group of people offer so much of their time and energy to reach out to the ones on the edges of society.

Their impact on the lost and the lonely of this borough is fantastic, with many coming to a real and lasting faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ian, Alexa, and their team, do an amazing job of going where other ministers could only dream of going, and they have a fantastic way with the people they are reaching.

MY prayer for them is that God would continue the good work he has begun here and, maybe into other boroughs across London

James Duncan
Pastor, Bexleyheath Community Church, Bexleyheath

We cannot honour Ian and the Cornerstone team enough. They are a vital part of our community and are relentless in their mission to transform lives with the love of Jesus.

Cornerstone provides a safe space for people from all walks of life where anyone can find acceptance, support and build lasting relationships.

Alongside the local church Cornerstone carries a message of hope and new life through Jesus and we are glad to stand alongside them in their mission to see recovery through Christ. 

Del Bearfoot
Pastor, Bexley Christian Life Centre, Bexleyheath

I'd like to highly commend Cornerstone to all those looking for a supportive and empowered group of people.

The love of Christ underpins and motivates all they do and is expressed in practical caring support and training to overcome life's biggest issues and problems and win through.

They've proved to be of enormous benefit to our community and Church and have helped transform the lives of several of our members. 

Rev Adam Foot,
Vicar, St. John’s, Welling

Cornerstone grew out of Recovery Alpha courses which started at St John’s, Welling in 2010 and moved to Trinity Baptist Church shortly after under the leadership of Ian Moody.

St John’s has been delighted to share this work with Trinity Baptist, and endorses wholeheartedly what Cornerstone stands for and its future.

We believe in a God who transforms life through Jesus Christ.

We also believe in his Church working together to see his Kingdom come. God bless this ministry as it grows across the Borough.

Our History

Cornerstone began seven years ago at St John’s Church, Welling. It was led by church members who had been through alcohol addiction themselves, its initial focus was to help others with similar experiences.

Soon after meetings were also set up at Albany Park Baptist Church and then a third fellowship meeting was established at Trinity Baptist Church in Bexleyheath. This is now the main group and the venue for current regular weekly meetings.

Since 2009 Cornerstone has been led by a strong spirit-led leadership team, headed by Ian Moody.

The original concept was to form a bridge between those in addiction and the church. It helped to show the church how we need to be serving those in addiction, and those in addiction that they need what the church can offer: fellowship together, purpose, but most important: Jesus.
We have run Alpha courses for people in addiction from the very beginning, since 2009 the Alpha course has fed into our weekly fellowship and bible study. From 2017 We have begun running the Freedom In Christ course as well as the Recovery course in 2018, these two courses have allowed many to find their identity and freedom in Christ. Cornerstone has had over 100 people complete the Alpha course with us in the past seven years. Some of these people have moved on, but we believe that all would still consider themselves to be friends of Cornerstone.
Starting out by addressing alcohol addiction, year on year Cornerstone has broadened its reach to others. Leaders and membership saw the spiritual and mental link between all forms of recovery. This outlook became known to Cornerstone members as ‘soul recovery’. This new phase opened the door for those seeking recovery in physical and mental health, social exclusion, drug addiction, sexual addiction and gambling.
Over the past decade Cornerstone has become somewhere where anyone with a heart for this mission can come to study, worship, pray, and to enjoy our fellowship and honesty – it’s not just for those who are in recovery. 

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